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At Hill Top we have created a safe environment where children are cared for, play, explore and learn together. We love that children meet up in the outdoor area to share their nursery experience. It brings them comfort to be together and creates that home from home feeling.

The playrooms are separated into three age groups though children move through these rooms at their own pace depending on their individual needs.

An extension to the building is now complete incorporating; two large playrooms, a sensory room and an ICT suit.

Baby Room

» Staff: Child Ratio 1:2
» Furniture from ‘Community Playthings’ allows babies to be independent in their movement around the playroom and encourages their personal independence in choice making.
» Daily outdoor play experiences
» Babies are encouraged to make choices via visual choice boards about their activities and music
» Paediatric First Aid trained staff

Our Baby Room provides care for babies from 6 weeks old up until 16 months.

With one member of staff for every two babies, they are given opportunities to learn and develop through play experiences. The baby room provides a secure, friendly environment with age appropriate equipment and activities. A personalised induction ensures babies and their families have time and space to become relaxed within their new environment, to form new relationships with their key workers and the rest of the staff team.

There is no charge for the period of ‘settling in’.

At such a young age, babies learn through exploring each of their senses, therefore whilst at nursery babies are introduced to a wide range of sensory play.

What parents say

Note: All direct quotes.

My child loves the home cooked food and it’s healthy!

There is a very warm atmosphere all around the nursery

The nursery environment is perfect for my daughter

The staff are always cheerful

The management team is professional and approachable

Nursery induction had a very personal approach

Ideas and opinions are always taken on board and discussed openly

Excellent communication amongst the team of staff caring for my child

I can tell the nursery nurses really care for my child and are committed to their roles

I’ve just started but everyone there is extremely welcoming and friendly

I feel completely safe leaving my child there

There is excellent continuity of care and high staff retention

The ratio in the baby room gives me complete peace of mind

Displays and photographs in the rooms are attractive and bright

Room transitions are smooth and well thought out

Toddler Room 1

» Free 15 hours for eligible two year olds
» 1:3 ratio
» Daily outdoor experiences
» Healthy meals
» Support with toilet training
» Transitions supported by key workers
» Two Year Health Check
» Continuous provision includes Community Playthings Gym

Once your child is steady on their feet they will make the move to Toddler room one. Here we ensure that there is one adult for every three children.
The layout of the room encourages children to be independent and explore for themselves, children are given the opportunity to explore colours, shapes, counting and baking to mention just a few activities.

Toddler Room 2

» Staff: Child Ratio 1:4
» Daily outdoor experiences
» Professional and experienced staff team
» Healthy home cooked meals
» Paediatric First Aid trained staff
» Support with toilet training
» Dance lessons with Sarah

Your child will transition with the support of the key workers to Toddler Room Two around about the time they are 26 months old. In this playroom the nursery staff are supporting the children to develop their communication skills through a wide variety of play experiences. The children are learning how to take turns and share with their peers.

They are supported to do this through a wide range of play experiences including baking, building with blocks, role playing in the home corner and craft activities. The Toddlers particularly enjoy dancing to their favourite music and baking.

Pre-school Room 1

» Staff: Child Ratio 1:8
» Paediatric First aid trained staff
» Open access to toilet area
» Daily outdoor play
» Healthy meals
» Yogini’s Yoga with Emily

Once children are near to three years old they can transition to our Pre school Room one.

There is no exact age as it depends entirely on the individual’s needs and developmental stage. The room has the facility for children to access the toilet area freely, meaning that they have the opportunity to develop their independence with staff close by to support hygiene routines.

The room is set up with continuous provision such as small-world, construction, sand, water, role play and creative play.

This playroom inspires children’s imaginations! It is well equipped for children to be independent in their play, allowing them to develop their own interests and play ideas. Caring and experienced staff are close by to support and develop learning opportunities.

Pre-school Room 2

» Child led play
» Learning through own interests
» Outdoor adventures at Stalyhill Infant School
» Football skills with Chris
» Personalised ‘school readiness plans’
» Daily access to outdoor play
» Qualified Early Years Teacher
» Continuous provision to outdoor area

The Pre School room offers an adult : child ratio of 1:8. On occasion this may rise to 1:13.

Children are cared for by a professional and dedicated team of Nursery Nurses. The team is led by our Early Years Teacher. Children enjoy a wide variety of activities during their day at nursery including indoor and outdoor, adult led and child led play. All of your child’s learning will happen while they are having fun and playing with what they enjoy.

Good links with Stalyhill Infant school mean that they have become our critical friends ; reflecting together annually on how ‘school ready’ our cohort of children were at school entry, we can then plan for improvements in provision to ensure the following cohort are more ‘school ready’.

Parents are invited to an Autumn parents evening where there will be a presentation on ‘school readiness’ and time to create a personal school readiness plan for your child with their key workers.

Children’s development and progress in learning is observed and assessed by staff team. Termly progress is shared with parents to allow for ‘next steps’ to be supported both at the setting and at home.

This beautifully furnished and highly equipped playroom was opened in January 2018, offering a bright and inspiring place for children to play and learn.

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